At Home Spa Day

2015-03-17 13.44.00Today, I felt like trying out my first at home diy facial. I have a fashion show tomorrow night and I wanted to prepare my skin for the 10lbs of makeup it was going to receive. I have naturally very dry and sensitive skin and I found a facial that was for sensitive skin and I had all 2 ingredients so I decided to try that one!

To find a facial, I searched: DIY Facial, on Pinterest and found a site that had several different facials all with a base of raw honey. I always have honey at home so I clicked the link to see what the facial was for. The site had many different kinds for different purposes: acne prone skin, anti-aging… I went straight for the sensitive skin one and lucky for me, the two ingredients were honey and Aloe Vera gel which we also always have at home for sunburns in the summer (I’m a lifeguard so that happens more than I would like).

2015-03-17 12.59.192015-03-17 13.01.28

I mixed 2 teaspoons of honey with 1 teaspoon of Aloe gel and spread it all over my face, except for my eyes of course and let it sit there for just over 10 mins.
For the added spa feel, I cut two slices of cucumber and put them on my eyes until my dog kept trying to eat them. I gave up and gave them to him…

2015-03-17 13.47.532015-03-17 13.06.07-2

Once the 10 minutes were up, I rinsed my face in the sink with warm water and patted it dry with a towel.

Feeling my face now, I have to say it’s soft but pretty dry. My skin is tight when I try to move it. Still gonna need to add my daily moisturizer but overall a nice and super easy DIY facial. Honestly I should have done the facial for dry skin but I didn’t have any plain yogurt and I didn’t want to use an avocado for that… hehe

Here is the link for the other raw honey facials if you wanna try one out!
4 Honey Masks


2015-03-17 13.07.14


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