Quinoa pasta with tomato sauce

I was feeling a little lazy today for lunch and didn’t want to spend 2 hours making something extravagant and have to clean up a bunch of stuff after but I still felt like something comforting and warm.

I went into my pantry and saw my favorite gluten free pasta, so i grabbed that. Looked in the fridge and grabbed some veggies and protein to add to my pasta and some very basic tomato sauce and put it all together!

2015-03-06 12.56.42

Start by boiling your water and add your favorite pasta. My dad just picked up a huge bag of mine at Costco, Go Go Quinoa, it’s gluten free and Vegan. Best tasting gluten free pasta I’ve tried. And my belly likes it too! Go Go Quinoa is an amazing brand. They have many types of pastas and so many other products that are just as healthy, tummy friendly and yummy. I live in Montreal so I buy my pasta at any regular supermarket usually in the organic/gluten free section or as my dad just discovered, at Costco!
This pasta doesn’t take long to boil, on the wrapper it says 10 minutes to boil I believe but I find 8 minutes is more than enough, less if you want your pasta al dente.
Once the pasta is ready, strain all the water out right away. Don’t leave it sitting in its water or it gets very soft and smooshy.

In my fridge today I saw green pepper and green beans so that’s what I put in my sauce but feel free to experiment with other vegetables, such as spinach, mushrooms, etc. As you can see in the picture, I cut up all the veggies into very small pieces and through them into a hot pan with olive oil.
2015-03-06 12.56.552015-03-06 12.56.46

Once the greens were slightly cooked and warm, I added some chunks of leftover roast pork from a previous dinner we had. and warmed all that up and added the tomato sauce.

2015-03-06 13.00.492015-03-06 12.57.24
I like this brand of tomato sauce because it already has some flavor blended into it and yet it still has a very basic recipe which can be adapted to your recipe. I like to add a little bit of salt, pepper and some oregano. I like to keep it simple 😉

When the sauce is hot and ready to mix, I mix everything together and serve!
I will sometimes add lactose free cheese on top to melt but I wasn’t feeling it today so I left that out. Here’s what it looks like all together and it was delicious BTW!
2015-03-06 13.06.142015-03-06 13.06.18
Bon appetit mes amis 🙂


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