Prepping for Fashion

A very good friend of mine is studying professional photography and has asked me to be her model tomorrow and next Thursday for a Vogue cover shoot assignment!

Of course I was thrilled, I love modelling and getting my hair and makeup done by professionals, I always learn so much… Tips for applying makeup and hair products to use, etc.

I have done photo shoots before, as I am currently signed with a modelling agency in Montreal, so I have experience with photo shoots. This post will be all about getting ready for a photo shoot for those of you interested in modelling and want to know how it all works. I will try to upload a video as well, a little bit later on with some sneak peaks at the photo shoot itself and what it looks like on set.

The first list will be things to do before the shoot to get ready:

1) Plan Your Route.
You need to check out the destination ahead of time and plan your route. I use Google Maps on my phone as a GPS and map out my trajectory the night before so I know how much time I have to get there. Don’t forget to consider traffic depending on what time you need to be there. Also leave time to find parking, if you plan to take your car.

2) Shower.
Shower and wash your hair the day before.  Sometimes you will be asked to arrive with 2 day old hair because it holds better. But 2 day old hair doesn’t mean you don’t shower 3 days before. You should arrive fresh and clean, so shower the night before or morning of just with a shower cap 😉 Also, you should have your hair natural unless specified otherwise.

3) Shave.
Nobody likes a nice girl to arrive on set and when raising her arms, everyone sees her hairy armpits… Maybe in Europe, but for photo shoots, arrive freshly shaved or waxed all over. Because you don’t always know what you’ll be wearing. You don’t want to be stuck in an uncomfortable situation when given a bathing suit or lingerie to put on and you forgot to do you bikini zone…

4) Clean Nails.
Don’t plan to get a Mani-pedi prior to a photo shoot because you don’t know what they will want for your nails. You could arrive with a nice, newly done french manicure and they want to paint all your nails red… :S Most of the time, the nails are an after thought if the photo shoot is for clothing, so just arrive with clean nails, no polish. They might add polish during hair and makeup.

5) Hydrate.
When applying makeup, the artist needs well moisturized skin. This can be achieved by drinking a lot of water in the days leading up to the shoot and applying a good moisturizing lotion. Drinking lots of water can have other benefits. Your skin will be healthier looking with a natural glow. Plus, nobody wants a model to faint on set because they were dehydrated.

6) No Extras.
Do not arrive with makeup on, this makes more work for the makeup artist. They want to start with a blank canvas. If you are coming from work or somewhere and did not get a chance to remove your makeup (it happens) try to remember to bring makeup remover with you, or tell the makeup artist and apologize.
No perfume or body mist. You will NOT be keeping the clothes used for the photo shoot so it is important to return them as you received them: Clean and odor free.
Deodorant should be clear or gel for the same reasons as the perfume. No odors and no white stripes on the clothing.

7) Sleep.
It’s never a good idea to go out and party late the night before a shoot. Stay home, read a book, watch tv and go to bed at a reasonable hour to have a good nights rest. This will eliminate black circles under the eyes and give you the energy you need to concentrate through the shoot.

Here is a list of things to bring with you:

1) Undergarments
You should always arrive wearing nude/skin color undergarments and bring options: strapless bra, solid color black, thong…


2) Food and Water.
Sometimes you will be provided with snacks and water but not always. To be prepared, I always carry a water bottle in my purse wherever I go. Since I have a somewhat strange diet now, I will bring myself a lunch and many snacks. You should always bring yourself a few snacks just in case. You can always ask prior to the event if you will be provided a lunch or time to go out and get yourself something to eat.

3) Shoes.
I will often bring a pair of plain black heels. This is something that would be specified by whoever you will be working with. It is important to bring comfortable shoes to wear while not on set, because sometimes you will be stuck wearing very uncomfortable shoes for a long time. It’s nice to have something comfortable to put on after it’s over.

4) Dress nicely.
You know when your mom would say to you: “What are you wearing? This is not a fashion show!” Well this is. Not a fashion show but part of the fashion industry. You are representing yourself as a product and if you’re with an agency, you are representing them. It is crucial to look professional and to fit in with the fashion crowd. Of course, like with the shoes, you need to be comfortable and clothes that are easy to take off and put on. I don’t suggest stockings/leotards…

    Street Style London For Spring

Good luck at your next shoot! Werk it 😉


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